"Transcriptomics & Functional Genomics"

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  1. Currently as a pdf internal access only:Overveiw of Transcriptomics Resources at sgul
  2. Currently as a pdf internal access only:Focus topic RNAi
  3. Currently as a pdf internal access only:Focus topic Real-Time PCR: The principles - Primer & Probe design etc
  4. Currently as a pdf internal access only: Focus topic Microarrays :Applications and Technologies
  5. Focus topic RNA: Quantification and Quality (As a pdf internal access only)
  6. Focus topic - On Biomarkers: A reiew of the terminology and meaning  (As a pdf internal access only)
  7. Focus topic -RNA Sample Amplification: a review of the techniques commonly used for microarray sample amplification (As a pdf internal access only)
  8. Focus topic -Illumina BeadArray technology, Illumina GX500. It is important to understand the GX500 is no longer supported by Illumina and thier mircroarray scanner portfolio of instruments has moved on from this work hourse of the early days of Microarrrays produced by Illumina, however Illumina arrays are still being produced that are compatible with this instrument and high quality data can and is still being regularly produced on this range of instruments world wide. The Newsletter as a pdf internal access only)
  9. Focus on the Bio-Rad CFX96 real-time PCR instrument: FAQs access and consumables
  10. Focus Update: Using the Bio-Rad CFX96 A quick guide (As a pdf internal access only)
  11. Focus topic - the underlying technology and trends in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS/Next-Gen) (As a pdf internal access only). This newsletter was written in 2011/12 and whilst still true the NGS protfolio of instruments has further improved in their capabilities. The dominance in the market by Illumina has further meant the demise of The SoLid and 454 systems for purchase and the rise of Ion Torrent/Ion Proton should be noted.
  12. Focus on the Bio-Rad QX100 droplet digital PCR instrument: FAQs access & consumables
  13. Focus on the Promega GloMax multi+Detection system: FAQs access and specification