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RIFAQUIN Trial & EDCTP Workshop
funding announced for 2007

INTERTB On the BBC and the Lancet NewsDesk May 2007

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Durban, South Africa
5th, 6th and 7th March, 2007

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World TB Day was on 24th March, 2007.

The current incidence and prevalence of tuberculosis are severely straining the capacity of some National Tuberculosis Control Programmes to successfully administer the WHO recommended standard 6-month regimen.

There is general agreement that, if treatment duration can be further reduced, this would increase the rates of treatment completion. This would have the added advantage of reducing relapse rates and, possibly, adverse events as well.

With the development of new drugs by some pharmaceutical companies, reduction in treatment durations may become possible in the next 20 years. However, there is also some evidence that treatment duration could be shortened with improved use of some of the drugs currently used in standard practice.

INTERTB organised a one-day meeting to discuss both these aspects (adgenda and presentation download below).

The objectives of the meeting were :

The meeting was be held at St. George's, University of London, on Thursday 22nd March, 2007. See the report in the Lancet (full article) , May 2007 by Sally Hargreaves in the  Lancet NewsDesk

London World TB Day meeting agenda in brief as a pdf
First morning session:
Introduction: Chair Baroness Elaine Murphy 09h00-09h10
Welcome and introductions Baroness Elaine Murphy 09h10-09h20
Tuberculosis: the problem Dr Katherine Floyd 09h20-09h30
Treating tuberculosis: Old and New drugs Prof Denis Mitchison 09h30-09h45
The Challenges of Phase III Trials Prof Andrew Nunn 09h45-09h55
Overview of funding Phase III trials Dr Tom Harrison 09h55-10h10
Discussion 10h10-10h35
Coffee break followed by Second morning session:
The UK effort: Chair Prof. George Griffin 10h35-10h45
Fluoroquinolones: the Oflotub Trial Prof Denis Mitchison 10h45-11h00
Fluoroquinolones: the Remox Trial Prof Stephen Gillespie 11h00-11h20
Rifamycins: The Rifaquin Trial Dr Amina Jindani 11h20-11h40
Rifamycins: Trials with rifabutin Dr Bertel Squire 11h40 -12h00
HIV/TB Drug interactions Dr Saye Khoo 12h00-12h15
The role of NGOs Dr Phillippe Guérin 12h15-12h30
Discussion 12h30-13h30
LUNCH followed by Afternoon session:
Novel strategies: Chair Prof. Anthony Coates 13h30-13h40
Introductory remarks Prof Anthony Coates 13h40-14h00
Modelling and novel phase II designs Dr Geraint Davies 14h00-14h15
The transition to shortening treatment Prof Denis Mitchison 14h15-14h30
Novel strategies for assessing rifamycin resistance and treatment response Dr Carlton Evans 14h30-15h00
Discussion: What to do now and in the future Co-Moderators Prof Denis Mitchison & Dr Tom Harrison

For further information please contact Dr. Amina Jindani