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RIFAQUIN Trial & EDCTP Workshop
funding announced for 2007

INTERTB On the BBC and the Lancet NewsDesk May 2007

EDCTP Workshop:
Durban, South Africa
5th, 6th and 7th March, 2007

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65 years of clinical trials in the eradication of tuberculosis

Symposium is being held in recognition of 65 years of research carried out by Professor Denny Mitchison on the occasion of his 90th birthday
Meeting to be held on Friday 18th September 2009 from 8.30 am 5 pm

REGISTRATION: 08h30 09h00
First morning session:
Welcome and introductions: Clinical trials in tuberculosis past, present and future Chair: Professor George Griffin 09h00 09h15
The first trial Professor Denny Mitchison 09h15 09h30
The subsequent trials Professor Janet Darbyshire 09h30 9h50
The future trials Dr. Gerry Davies 9h50 10h10
Coffee break followed by Second morning session: 10h10-10h30
Second morning session: Chemotherapy in tuberculosis Chair : Professor Anthony Coates
Role of chemotherapy in tuberculosis control Dr. Christopher Dye 10h3010h50
Genomic targets Professor Philip Butcher 10h5011h05
Alternative choices for targets Professor Anthony Coates 11h0511h20
Challenges in TB drug development Dr. Ann Ginsberg 11h2011h40
Discussion 11h40-12h10
Concepts in chemotherapy Professor Denny Mitchison 12h1012h40
Nanotechnology in chemotherapy Dr. Bernard Fourie 12h4013h00
Discussion 13h0013h15
LUNCH 13h15-14h15
Afternoon session: Risks and benefits associated with clinical trials Chair: Professor Peter Kopelman
Statistical risks Professor Andrew Nunn 14h1514h35
Regulatory procedures Dr.Amina Jindani 14h3514h55
Discussion 14.55 16.15
Conclusions for the future Professor George Griffin 16h1516h25
Discussion 16h3017h00
Farewell tea 17h00